Meet Scott Falivene (Creative Director) – In A Minute Portrait (Week 260)

Scott Falivene (or F. Scott as some of us like to call him) is one of
my oldest New York friends. We met not long after I moved there, when
we both worked as graphic designers in the financial industry.

supervisor then was Anne Hanson, about whom I’ve made the very first In A Minute Portrait video: Meet Anne Hanson (of knitspot) – In A Minute Portrait (Week 219)

is one of my favorite people to go to concerts with and roam the bars
and streets of New York City together. So it was a real treat when he
came through Denver this week with two other great guys, Gabe and John,
and we could catch up and indulge in some delicious cocktails and
amazing food (Linger!!!) and try to stay out of the rain.

the weather was surprisingly awful that day, considering how amazing
spring had been in Colorado so far. And yes, that’s when F. Scott came
up with that philosophy.

F. Scott is not only an incredibly
talented designer and creative director, he’s also a great musician. I was sorry to hear that
he doesn’t have a band he plays out with right now. But I trust that
he’ll put together a band again soon. Bring back Pants!!!

Scott Falivene – Creative Director
New York City

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