Loxx Miniatur Welten (Miniature Worlds) turns Berlin into a model train set with many of its well-known attractions recreated as well as some insider details, funny moments and some general miniature world genre randomness.

Miniature Berlin: LOXX – In A Berlin Minute (Week 138) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

Based on the idea and design of Stefan Göddeke, Loxx is the 3rd largest model train set in the world (760 square meters) and first opened in 2004 in Charlottenburg and then moved to its current location atop the Alexa shopping center (next to Alexanderplatz) in 2007. 

As so often the 1-minute version of this video doesn’t really do justice to all that could be seen. And in this case I actually accidentally at first edited a 2-minute version (I’ve got a head cold). So there’ll be a longer Moving Postcard soon.

For now please enjoy the mini versions of Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Sowjetisches Mahnmal, Siegessaeule (Goldelse), Bahnhof Zoo, Tiergarten, Alexanderplatz, Alexa, Neptunbrunnen, Park Inn, Fernsehturm, Die Mauer (The Wall), a Turkish family in the park, abandoned buildings, metal artists, street art, a concert, dinosaurs, cops and lots and lots of trains. The only thing I didn’t capture well was a tram. Also Mauerpark Fleamarket and Karaoke are missing from Loxx altogether.

The song “Lollipop” was written and produced by Jason Matherne. Find him
on Soundcloud.

On a side note, the night I first met him, David of the andberlin blog suggested I should do an In A Berlin Minute video about Loxx . He in turn had found out about the place through a post by James and Zoe on their uberlin blog. Thanks for the tip, British Berlin bloggers!

Goldelse (Siegessaule – Victory Column) at Loxx Miniature Welten

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