From Friday to Friday I managed to visit a significant amount of places and people who are important and special to me.

Friday I filmed with my dad (for a personal project) in Hamburg and then hung out with my Hamburg friends (some I’ve known since Kindergarden).

Saturday & Sunday I spent with my entire family in the countryside of Haselau (including an excursion to a music festival to see another friend).

Monday I was back in New York with Scott and on Tuesday I squeezed in a few hours with some of my close Brooklyn friends.

By Wednesday Scott and I were in St. Augustine, Florida with Scott’s family.

And this Friday as the crowning conclusion to the most jetsettingest week of my life I made it over to Gainesville, FL to film an undeniably important pick-up shot for All’s Well and Fair and even catch up with most of my friends there.

By the end of a week like that I am overwhelmed with gratefulness that I know and remain close with all these amazing people and that they continue to be interested in seeing me and that they make time whenever I suddenly show up.

Thank you and Danke schoen! I’m lucky to have you. Und ich freu mich schon sehr auf’s naechste mal!

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