Little Dragon

Recently several people had recommended Swedish (Gothenburg) band Little Dragon fronted by Yukimi Nagano. And I was delighted to discover their album Ritual Union, which I’ve been playing more or less non-stop. Okay, let’s be honest: I love the first few songs – and then actually avoid the last few, because of that Prince-like singing, which has never been my thing. But I may yet to warm up to it.

I’ve been told I must check out their previous two albums. And I’m sure I will. But so far it’s been hard enough to choose which song from this album is my favorite. So here are three. 
While for other songs there are some fascinating animation videos, these three I could only find live performances and a fan-made video for (which actually was just lifted from something else, if I understand the description correctly).
Ritual Union (live) (recording)


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