I just got back to Berlin from New York a few hours ago – so I’m a bit jet-laggy, hungry and, let’s face it: a little cranky.
So I’ll make this a super quick Music Monday post – one that might not only remind me of all my fun friends here but also replace the crankiness with silliness… or inspire me to take another long nap… 
Please let me introduce to you the full version of “The Planking Song” by the Berlin-based band The Plankers (it seems they’d prefer to remain anonymous at this time).
A one-minute version of this song was featured in “Planking” – In A Berlin Minute (Week 61).
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Throat Plank

Here are the lyrics:
Well it’s been a rough day
And your boss is a jerk
But you’re tired of always just drinking
Parkour is a thrill
So is base jumping
Isn’t that all kind of life-threatening
You should do more sports
So they don’t call you fat
Your belly doesn’t show
When you’re planking
When life’s got you down
Go on laying around the town
Sometimes all you need to do
is go planking
Life’s full of choices
And big contemplations
Sometimes it feels right
to be planking
You can do it anywhere
And in the end who really cares
You’re just planking

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