My pick for this Monday is the Sophie Muller-directed video for “The High Road” by the much hyped Broken Bells (James Mercer, singer of The Shins, and Danger Mouse, über-hip producer probably best known for Gnarls Barkley/”Crazy”). So far my favorite song of the year.
Tomorrow the album by Broken Bells will be released – and the day after they play their first New York show. Of course, tickets were sold out within minutes, which makes you wonder (not for the first time) if tickets for a show were ever really available or if they went directly to all the music biz people and the ticket sales blitz is just a convenient PR move. Eh, I like to believe some lucky local kids are going to be all blissed out at the show on Wednesday.
And here’s the cute promo video featuring a few kids reviewing the song:
Currently you can listen to the entire album for free on NPR and on MySpace.

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