I’d like to kick myself in the shin that I didn’t jump at the opportunity to download “One Life Stand”, the latest album by the British band Hot Chip, from amazon when they briefly offered it for $1.99. I was like uh… yeah, I kinda liked that one song “Boy From School” and “Touch Too Much” but there are so many other great albums out right now…
Now that I’ve gotten a few of the new songs on mix tapes, I can’t get enough of them and will surely buy the album for the full price soon. Wonder if all the songs will seem to fit what’s on my mind these days. Btw, while the following might appear quite sappy, just keep in mind you can dance to these songs.
A few days ago I arrived in Germany (return date to Brooklyn currently unknown). I’m just getting settled in with stocking the kitchen, hooking up the Internet and hopefully very soon having a working iPhone again (oh, the withdrawal). I missed Scott from the moment we said “see you in a few weeks” (he’s supposed to arrive here in June). This first song I’m posting for him.
The best part of returning to Germany is to finally have more time with my family and friends here again. Yet, one of the hardest parts is missing the people who remain in Brooklyn or have moved to Thailand or California or wherever adventure called them. This song makes me think of my actual brother, Asterix, and all my brothers and sisters here and all over the globe.
“Brothers” by Hot Chip
And then there’s this amazing gem: “I Feel Bonnie” – a house mix of the single “I Feel Better” featuring Bonnie Prince Billy, who completely changes the song (available on the single or as download). Reminds me how much I also love the Grizzly Bear version of Hot Chip’s “And I Was A Boy From School”.

“I Feel Bonnie”
– by Hot Chip & Bonnie Prince Billy
A thought on the music video everyone’s been talking about: “Born Free” by M.I.A. – directed by Romain Garvas. I love the gritty nature of the song and it’s already proven a good one for dancing at our “farewell ball”. When I saw the video a few days later I had very mixed feelings. It’s very well done, that’s for sure. And obviously it’s getting both M.I.A. and the director a lot of attention.
I also think it sends a great and very clear message against brutality, war and racism and might make some people uncomfortable as they contemplate the terms terrorist vs. freedom fighter. But the brutality and explicit graphic nature is too much for me. Just like with war itself, I’m too much of a pacifist and too soft skinned to say, I can support this.

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