This coming Sunday, May 9th, Günter Westphal (who just happens to be my dad) is having an art opening featuring large photographs of plant life. The exhibit is hosted by the Kulturverein Haseldorfer Marsch and will take place in a beautiful setting at the Bandreisserkate, an ancient restored farm house in the Northern German countryside.
But don’t just expect pictures of pretty flowers. My dad has been a photographer longer than I can remember (and it’s quite possible that his slides from a 1977 roadtrip across the USA along Route 66 caused my desire to move to America one day) – but he’s also been heavily involved in social art (think “social change with an aesthetic appeal” or “social work as art” – but not something like an art therapist). His photography tends to look at the unexpected, to draw your attention to the overlooked and to shift your focus to the seemingly negligible – through enlargement, repition, choice of focus and splash of color. At least that’s what I see.
The photography exhibit will be shown:
at the Bandreisserkate
Kulturverein Haseldorfer Marsch
Achtern Dörp 3
25489 Haselau
May 13, 15, 16, 22 – 24, 29 and 30
3 – 5pm 
The opening is Sunday, May 9th at noon
opening words by Hajo Schiff
I’m super excited to be in Germany right now and able to attend this opening.

* Cow Parsley and Water Lily

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