“Live Alone” is a beautiful cover by American singer (of incomparable NYC band Blondie) Deborah (Debbie) Harry of a song by Scottish band Franz Ferdinand. Actually Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand sings on it and it’s on the new Franz Ferdinand Covers EP. So it’s a bit more than just a cover version.
While Scott is back in New York for an undetermined time – and I’m still in Berlin for an equally undetermined time (basically we can’t say for sure today who’s going to join whom – just that it’ll be soon), this song keeps coming to mind.
Not, of course, the part about “I wanna live alone because the greatest love is always ruined by the bickering” but the:

“Wherever you are
Whoever is there
You’ll know that I’ll be here
I’ll be here wishing I could be there”

I don’t know if there will be an official video, but I appreciate this unofficial “fan-made” video directed by Matthew Daniel Siskin, especially because it shows my beloved NYC, where Scott and the cats are hanging out without me today.
Oh, wait, just coming in… there’s also a version of “Live Alone” by LCD Soundsystem.
By comparison here’s Franz Ferdinand playing “Live Alone” themselves live at a record store in 2009.

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