“Little Lion Man” by British band Mumford & Sons originally came out in 2008 on the EP “Love Your Ground”, then was included on their September 2009 full-length album “Sigh No More”, which led me to put it on my favorites of 2009 mix. Now the album is getting some attention in the US – and I still can’t get enough of it.
Always fascinating to see how long some musicians, filmmakers, writers will be living with and sharing a particular work before it gets discovered and catches on. Also fascinating how young Marcus Mumford and his band mates are (early twenties) – considering the feel of the music and the sound of his voice.

“Little Lion Man”
by Mumford & Sons:
By the way, the band first caught my attention through the connection to Laura Marling, whom they have supported on tour. Another part of the clique is Noah & The Whale, a band I like a lot as well – except that I’m a little turned off by their name, which is supposedly an homage to Noah Baumbach and The Squid & The Whale. A film that’s highly appreciated by most, but seemed too “poor little privileged white boy self-involved” for my taste (although I was charmed by the beautiful depiction of our neighborhood). Which brings me to: when will there finally be a film based on Jonathan Lethem’s “Fortress of Solitude”?
In Europe, “I Speak Because I Can” , the new album by Laura Marling, gets released today – in the US it won’t come out until early April. On her website you can interact with a clever album preview video, which makes excellent use of annotations (visual tags) to reveal additional content.

Beautifully subtle annotation (visual tag) through slight coloration of flower pot

Once you click on the annotation, more information is revealed

Here’s the video for the current single “Devil’s Spoke” (at least until EMI tracks down this embed and disables it as they did on YouTube). Quite fittingly it seems to feature Marcus Mumford at 1:17.

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