All’s Well and Fair final sound mix wave forms visualized in Final Cut Pro
A huge milestone was reached this week for the new Good Hard Working People documentary All’s Well and Fair. For the last two days I got to sit in on the sound mix – and today sound designer/editor/mixer par excellence Tom Lino handed me the final sound mix! And it sounds fantastic! 
Any of you who have seen a rough cut (maybe even back in 1996 when the first part premiered) or have heard me talk about how the first part was originally edited on two VCRs (with the magical audio dub function) might also remember that I didn’t get the best sound in the world. After all, the ’96 part was recorded with an onboard mic on a VHS camera in fun-sounding locations like a laundromat and a cafe with jazz music doodling in the background. 
But Tom diligently worked on the audio and fixed, enhanced, manipulated and did all the magic stuff that post-sound people can do to make a film sound great and clear and finalized. I couldn’t be more grateful and excited!!!
While listening to the film through powerful speakers I became aware again how awesome the music is (all original songs, not a score written for the picture). When we have a full website together for the film, we’ll certainly include links and maybe even some mp3’s for all the bands… 
But for now please check out these three amazing bands that have songs specially featured in the documentary: 
There are still a few steps (and some are very laborious and tedious and slam-your-head-against-your-computer-screen challenging) that need to be taken care of before the film is totally finished. But I’ve already started submitting it to a few festivals. Please keep your fingers crossed or put in a good word 😉
The official super-short synopsis from the submissions: 

‘All’s Well and Fair’ juxtaposes the lives and ideals of three single punk rock mothers on welfare during the 1990s with their realities and opinions ten years later – giving a unique perspective on alternative culture, growth and identity.

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