Yes, yes, this post is about bands and songs that I’ve already mentioned recently. But really, who reads all my blog posts anyway? And there’s some new stuff…
Finally I found a version of the official music video for “Coquet Coquette” by Of Montreal that could be watched in Germany (YouTube blocks it here) and it turns out I actually don’t enjoy the cannibalistic, dry-humping video. I wasn’t offended, it just didn’t speak. But I still love the song.
If you hadn’t been able to watch the video on YouTube, you can watch the official “Coquet Coquette” video on vido1 (can’t be embedded).
Or just enjoy listening to the song and make up your own images:
In another finally, there is finally an official video for “Ready To Start” by Arcade Fire – it’s a live video and actually seems to use the sound from the live recording, which is rather unusual as the official video for a studio single.
They’re playing in Berlin tomorrow night – and I missed out on getting tickets in time. Shall I dare to just show up anyway and see if I can buy a ticket of someone there?
For another release from their album Suburbia, “We Used To Wait” they did something really cool together with Google and music video director Chris Milk – an interactive, musical, visual (and nostalgic) experience based on the address of your childhood home – or any address you choose, of course. In my case due to the lack of Google Street View in Germany it made more sense to choose the address of my home during my exchange year, which actually was in Suburbia. Suburbia, FL that is.
(And yes, they got me: I finally installed Google Chrome.)

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