For about 6 weeks or so I wasn’t able to update our Good Hard Working People MySpace site, which was incredibly frustrating especially since I like have our latest show episodes on there for all of our friends to check out.

Nowhere on the web could I find a solution. Countless emails to MySpace Help went unanswered until a few days ago. While at first they just kept saying “be patient”, today they finally followed up with some real advice. And it worked!

The page is missing its previous formatting and shows less videos, but it’s up to date.

So for all of you who have a problem updating their “About Me” or other html-based sections – and you also have an International MySpace page (ours happened to be Australian), here is your solution:

To change Language/Country, please log on to your account and click on “Myspace international” located at the bottom right of the page. There you should be able to select the desired Myspace International [USA in our case] site.
This should solve your problem.

If it doesn’t work try again after deleting the “cookies” in your internet browser.

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