NBA Brooklyn Nets vs. Denver Nuggets at Barclays Center – In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 188) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

When my husband Scott and I first started dating back in Florida, we
watched the 1994 NBA finals in his fancy air-conditioned apartment with
cable tv (and a swimming pool!).

Earlier this year, while he was living in Colorado and I was still in Berlin, we watched the NBA finals together via FaceTime.

that we both live in Colorado, we traveled back to Brooklyn (which we
called home for the last 14 years, besides the time in Berlin) this week
to attend a professional basketball game live for the first time. And
it wasn’t just any game, but the new Brooklyn Nets playing the Denver Nuggets.

Denver may have beaten Brooklyn pretty badly, but the Brooklyn Nets
definitely have the more stylish team colors (black and white), fan
fashion (mostly black with a little bit of white) and stadium. The idea
of using imminent domain to take people’s homes and businesses in our
neighborhood and putting that ugly colossus that was named by the corporation Barclays
right “in our backyard” and above our subway station I thought
despicable while we lived here. And I still have issues with that. But I
have to admit that the interior of the stadium is very cool and stylish
with all the dark grey, black accents and white neon signs. And the
selection of good food and beer was impressive.

But the best part, of course, was watching a live NBA game with my love.

Thank you Jeff Marks and Adam Elend for making this possible and getting us such awesome seats!

Hello Brooklyn. Are you ready?
Barclays Center – Home of the Brooklyn Nets

Scott and Luci
First NBA game live – at Barclays Center in Brooklyn

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