somewhere only we know by lily allen

Tonight, Scott and I are flying back to New York City for a few days. If you know me then you will have an idea how much this means to me and how excited we are.

This makes today the perfect day to share a sweet song that touches me personally more than I need to write about here. Scott, you know this song is for you: Lily Allen covering “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane.

The song was recorded for the Christmas advertisement of the British department store John Lewis. You can either watch the animated commercial about the hare who gives the bear a beautiful Christmas he will never forget…

UPDATED 2020: The original video of the John Lewis advertisement has disappeared. Instead here is “Somewhere Only We Know” sung by Lily Allen with the animated story combined with a creative behind-the-scenes look.

To see just the commercial, there’s currently (but who know for how long) this video.

You can also watch behind-the-scenes footage and download the interactive e-book (if you have access to the UK iTunes store or have other savvy ways to find things online).

Bear and Hare in "Somewhere only we know" by Lily Allen
Bear and Hare in “Somewhere only we know” by Lily Allen

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