What is Thanksgiving? – In A Colorado Minute (Week 187) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

is a holiday mainly celebrated in the United States of America and
Canada. Most people who speak English know that. In this speedy 1-minute
video I try to explain where it came from and what it is today and what
I personally think it’s all about.

My creative intentions were
overly ambitious for this video, yet, I put it together rather rushed
under the usual constraint of “make a quick 1-minute every week and try
to not let it interfere with your work and personal life so much.” So
the result is… well, you’ll see.

My personal intention I hope
comes across. More than any other holiday, this day to me is about
reflecting on what I have and what I get to experience and to be
thankful for it all.

Since last Thanksgiving, which I spent with
friends from America, Wales, Germany (via Spain) in restaurants and bars
in Berlin, my mind has opened up more towards the idea of being
appreciative even for the lack (or loss) of having “things” and the
negative experiences. They teach us lessons, help us to know ourselves
and others better, enable growth, and allow us recognize more clearly
what we want (and work towards that) and again appreciate what we have.

year, I’m especially grateful to spend Thanksgiving with my husband and
our dog and to be invited to different friends’ homes for food, drink
and company. I’m also thankful for all my family and friends in America,
Germany, Brazil, Spain and around the world – this, my virtual friends,
includes you! I always appreciate my health because in the end that is
the most important thing. And while it’s hard sometimes, I do appreciate
the lessons I learned this past year and the growth I’ve gone through.

important aspect about Thanksgiving to me is that while you appreciate
what you have, to also be aware of what others may be lacking. Remind
yourself of what you can give to others today and every day. I am vowing
today that in the coming year I want to give more time and energy to
others – especially to those who are not my family and friends.

The music in the video is the instrumental version of “Letting Go” by Josh Woodward.
It’s available on his website as so many other great songs via a
Creative Commons License. Thank you, Josh, again and again for making
your awesome music available for us!

The images I used in this video I found either through Wikimedia Commons or the free license search option in Bing Image search
to make sure I’m not infringing on anyone’s rights by using their
image. If I did, please let me know. Also I hope no one is offended by a
naked turkey or anything else in the video.

I’m wishing all of you a happy Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Thursday.
xx Luci

History of the American Thanksgiving holiday

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