Rachel in 1996 and 2006
I’ve finally added a little bit more content to the Facebook and MySpace pages for my new documentary All’s Well and Fair
Right now you can see a few photo stills from the film and the shoot. Soon I’ll add more pictures, links to the dozen or so DIY bands featured on the soundtrack, and finally some video excerpts and a trailer (which I only still need to cut). 
So please “like” or “befriend” the page of your choice to be the first to hear and see more from the the women, kids and bands of All’s Well and Fair.
Set in the college and music town Gainesville, Florida, All’s Well and Fair juxtaposes the lives and ideals of three single punk rock mothers on welfare during the 1990s with their realities and opinions ten years later – giving a unique perspective on alternative culture, growth and identity.

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