nature photo postcards by Luci Westphal, pink flamingo, snowy egret, raccoon, colorful birds, pink blooms, tufted titmouse, aligator, Florida, available via Happier Place
Exciting news! A whole brand-new batch of shiny, sturdy, sustainably-sourced nature photo postcards featuring my photography are now available via Happier Place! 
nature photos postcards by Luci Westphal, pink flamingo, snowy egret, raccoon, colorful birds, pink blooms, tufted titmouse, aligator, Florida, available via Happier Place

While there’s so much joy in hunting for photos, capturing a moment, looking through and finally sharing photos digitally… there’s nothing quite as astonishing as holding a physical print of something I had seen out in the wild, in my hands. The actual physical manifestation of that specific moment in time I happened to capture. The randomness, the time, the angle, the circumstance, all the choices… and here it is. 

Just realizing how far we’ve traveled down the digital road that I chose the word “astonishing” when talking about a *printed* photo. Wow. 

Okay, but in defense of my excitement and astonishment: these aren’t mere cheap photo prints. These are high-end postcards – which will not just fade away in an album, but be a messenger from one person to another. And I suspect all of those messages will be… the good kind… because who writes a postcard to send out bad news? 

And for those who prefer to keep their message a bit more private, Happier Place also offers folded greeting cards with envelopes featuring my photography.

The new nature photo postcards and greeting cards mostly show images of wildlife and flowers captured in Florida since my move down here. In addition, there are also a few images from trips to New York and Germany. And of course, you can always find photos from other locations and times in the large selection of over 180 (!!!) different postcards in the Happier Place shop.

Snowy egret stalking by an adult American aligator, Shark Valley, Everglades, National Park, Florida
One of the new images now available as an individual postcard – or as part of the “Hey!” 5-postcards set.

In case you think: postcards are too small, I want something bigger, check out my own new and slowly growing online store for metal prints and larger photo prints.

Want to see all the new postcards? All of them are available in the Happier Place shop – while supplies last. There are 8 new postcard sets (5 cards each), 37 new individual postcards, and also a few new folded greeting card sets (3 cards each) and even more new individual greeting cards with envelopes.

Watch out: selling fast! By the time of this writing, because I already announced the new postcard releases on Patreon yesterday, several postcard sets are already sold out. But DO NOT fret, sold-out sets can still be purchased, they will just take additional time to be manufactured and shipped. But DO hurry up to grab sets that aren’t sold out and that you’d like to get right away.

New Card Celebration GIVEAWAY: Would you like two postcards for free? Leave a comment below, and I’ll send you a handwritten card from me personally and another blank one you can send to someone else. 

New nature photo postcards by Luci Westphal available via Happier Place

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    1. I assume you mean you’d “love this” as in “you’d love to get a free postcard as mentioned in the blog post”. Send me your mailing address to ahoi [at], and I’ll send one from me to you + a blank one for you to mail to someone else.
      xx Luci

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