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Theoretically planned for many, many months… then in the works for several weeks… now finally finished: my new website:!

On this website you can now find ALL the videos from my 1-minute web series In A Berlin Minute and In A Brooklyn Minute and all the longer bonus versions that I made of a few 1-minute videos (more planned). Most of the videos are from Berlin and Brooklyn, but others are from my travels around Europe, through the USA, to Thailand and Brazil.

Why Moving Postcard? To explain what exactly the In A Berlin Minute videos are I
started referring to them as moving postcards: images from a place
without much camera movement but with movement within the frame. Not
much commentary, just the original recorded sound or a music track. You can read more about this project (and me) on the about page

The Moving Postcard site now finally gives you the option to search for specific subjects and videos by keywords – or you can look through the categories to discover something new.

This is one of the main reasons I wanted to built my own web site: to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

The idea is still that I continue to publish a 1-minute video every Thursday (as I have for  2 years and 11 months) and occasionally an additional longer video. These are postcards from me to you about the places and events I see.

The blog / RSS feed format of the new site makes it really easy to subscribe to get every video delivered to you – either via email or through your preferred RSS reader

In addition I hope that you will feel encouraged to send someone else one of the moving postcards. You can either send an entire post with my text – or you can go directly to the video and send that.

And if you have your own website, feel free to embed one of my videos on your site. Just please be so kind to include a link back to the original post for the particular video on the Moving Postcard website. I would appreciate a mention of Moving Postcard, the In A Berlin Minute, In A Brooklyn Minute web series and/or my name.

If you do have a website about Berlin, Brooklyn or travel, check the links page to see if I’m already listing your site. If not, let me know about your site. Of course, I always appreciate an exchange of links.

Last but not least, something a bit more serious: money. For a good while I was able to monetize these videos. I had built quite a following on YouTube and my videos were featured on Perpetual Explorer. YouTube did me wrong and that revenue is near nil. Perpetual Explorer has gone through some recent changes that affect everyone’s revenue.

Long story short, it’s currently a struggle to justify spending so much time on this series – not to mention, that I don’t have money to buy the necessary new hard drive. If you like my videos and are in the position to support them, I would be very grateful for a donation through PayPal or through the Tip Jar under any of the videos on Vimeo.

Last but not least: Thank You! Thank you to all of you who have been watching, sharing and commenting on my videos and the associated photos.

A few days ago I was talking to a friend in the advertising business and he was saying that the videos are the most important part of this project – and I realized that no, I actually think the community and the experience of exchange is the most important part to me (including the filming and editing with you in mind). Therefore, I’m really hoping that you will feel encouraged to utilize the comment feature on the new web site so we can keep the conversation going.

Of course, I’m always grateful to everyone who has provided music, suggested locations, trekked along on a shoot, appeared in front of the camera or helped during post-production or logo design. You know who you are. 

The biggest THANK YOU right now goes to Adam Groffman of Travels with Adam, who helped me built the structure of the Moving Postcard site in several multi-hour sessions, taught me enough to kind of blow my mind (SEO, hello!) and patiently kept being available for all my questions and troubleshooting. Adam, you absolutely rock!

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