2 Replies to “Shocked and Disappointed”

  1. What’s truly F’d in California is that the $$$ to back prop 8 came from outside the sate. Basically other people deciding what’s best for us. Subsequent protesting has brought SF and LA to their knees and is making it’s way to Utah to target the Mormon church (significant backer). So now the boycott shoe is on the other foot.

    And in the meantime, you can enjoy California, Arizona and Florida now with even more bigotry!

  2. I’m glad people are protesting in those areas against the ban of same sex marriage/domestic partnership and adoption. We can’t let this just slip by and allow people to lose their rights again. What a tremendous step backwards.

    The hatred and lack of compassion of those opposed to equal rights for LGBT make me sick – especially of those who claim to have such great Christian/family values. I really don’t understand why they hate other people so much, when those people just want to have equal rights for their love and family.

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