On more than one occasion I’ve gushed about my favorite radio show: Chicago Public Radio‘s “This American Life” hosted by Ira Glass. There’s nothing quite like the hour of high quality audio documentaries and essays all focused on one distinct theme per episode.

But during the last few weeks of mostly re-runs I discovered another brilliant favorite for myself: New York Public Radio’s “Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen“. Another show on NPR, which “brings you great stories and conversations about creativity, pop culture and the arts”.

Another NPR show I’ve been pushing on people for the last year is “All Songs Considered” in which host Bob Boilen introduces new music of different genres (Although mostly that indie rockish kind – so don’t expect any gospel, classical or kazoo orchestras. Okay, maybe the last is a possibility.) The blog also features great music discussions that go beyond the show.

The program also features live concerts sometimes, which recently have been split up into a separate podcast: “Live Concerts From All Songs Considered”.

Last but not least, I’m totally hooked on “the oddly informative news quiz” “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” It makes American politics much easier to take.

All these shows can be heard on the radio or on podcasts. Two shows with readings of short stories I believe exist as podcasts only: PRI’s Selected Short and The New Yorker Fiction Podcast. The later features short stories first published in New Yorker magazine and a discussion of the work.

Here are some complete lists of podcasts from the same sources:

NPR podcasts
PRI podcasts
New Yorker podcasts

How about you? Can you recommend any other shows?

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  1. When I was recently down in Florida my dad was talking up ‘A Prarie Home Companion’ (which I thought was just for nerds) so I checked it out and it’s actually very funny/original/creative (a little nerdy but in a good way) I’d highly suggest it, hey it’s on in a few hours…

  2. I like that show, too, although I don’t listen to it regularly. I guess we’re a little bit nerdy – but in a good way.

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