Riding past group photo into Brandenburg Gate
Am Gruppenphoto vorbei und rein ins Brandenburger Tor

Below are a few still photos from the time-lapse video I shot while riding back and forth through the Brandenburg Gate and along the government buildings.

The video is actually a series of still photos taken with the GoPro. So I’m including a few pictures of the GoPro on bike rig as well – for the nerds like me.

WATCH the 1-minute video “Brandenburg Gate Ride (Time-Lapse) – In A Berlin Minute (Week 150)” on my new website (still working on it): MovingPostcard.com.

Classic shot of TV Tower seen through Brandenburg Gate… but with motorcycle!
Klassisches Photo vom Fernsehturm durch das Brandenburger Tor… aber mit Motorrad!
Brandenburg Gate – Brandenburger Tor
Government buildings (Reichstag) and TV Tower –
Regierungsgebäude und Fernsehturm
About to go through Brandenburg Gate (full uncropped GoPro frame)
Kurz vor der Durchfahrt durchs Brandenburger Tor (volles GoPro Bild)
Inside Brandenburg Gate
Im Brandenburger Tor
Approaching the Brandenburg Gate
Auf das Brandenburger Tor zu fahren
GoPro on my bike in front of Brandenburg Gate
Die GoPro Kamera auf meinem Fahrrad vor dem Brandenburger Tor

 Watch the finished time-lapse video HERE.

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