A few pictures I took during a lovely April morning on the Caribbean Coast in La Boca, Cuba.

If you want to read more about La Boca and watch the 1-minute Moving Postcard video that is the reason for this photo collection, please check out this post on my website: La Boca, Cuba – In Another Minute (322)

La Boca, Cuba

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Fishing in La Boca, Cuba

You can look at even more photos of La Boca, Cuba, in my Flickr album In Another Minute – 2016 Photos.

Bel Air Classic Car Cuban Taxi on the road from Playa Ancon to La Boca, Cuba

Looking for shade in La Boca, Cuba

Finding shade in La Boca, Cuba

Pizzas and classic car in La Boca, Cuba

La Boca, Cuba… what’s another classic car and colorful houses?

Playa del Rio – where the Rio Guaurabo flows into the Caribbean Sea
La Boca, Cuba

Caribbean Coast in La Boca, Cuba

Coral find in La Boca, Cuba

Hostal Florida
Another colorful casa particular in La Boca, Cuba

Blue, blue, and blue in La Boca, Cuba

This picture was taken for Lisa Goldfarb:
Lizard in La Boca, Cuba

Horse and carriage at Playa del Rio in La Boca, Cuba

Getting back into the harbor at the mouth of the Rio Guaurabo in La Boca, Cuba

Dead Crab

Picture taken for my dad (dem “radikalen ’68”)

Ranchon Suenos Deseados Restaurant
Luncheon of desired dreams
La Boca, Cuba

Roots holding on to a tree’s leaves
La Boca, Cuba

Photo taken for Scott Solary in the fishing village La Boca, Cuba

Big Pier – Little Boat
La Boca, Cuba

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