All these photos of street art in Rio, Brazil, I actually took in 2013. This past week, I published a video featuring murals, graffiti and stencils found in Rio: Rio Street Art (Brazil) – In Another Minute (328)

So I thought I’d share some accompanying photos here. If you’d like to see even more pictures, you can find them in the In Another Minute 2016 Flickr album.

Girls with an attitude by Natta
Rio Street Art

This #mural pretty much sums up #Rio: carnival, Christ the Redeemer, music, colors… and a guy who has a little dude coming out of his pants 😉

Someone loves to spray paint
Rio Street Art

So fun when someone adds street art next to an already existing piece. It creates a story.
Rio Street Art

At first, it really bugged me that a car was blocking part of this fantastical street art. Then I noticed how the color of the car matches the colors in the art piece. Nice!
Rio Street Art

Have you ever seen artsy street at like this anywhere else?
Rio Street Art

Santa Crew vs Fim Do Mundo?
Rio Street Art

Nazi Punks F**k Off!
Rio Street Art

“Vinyl sunset over plastic fields” by #PXE. You can watch this street art piece getting created:

Who doesn’t love animals in suits and ties?
Street art by Nata in Rio, Brazil.

My favorite aspect of this car art is that the colors spread all the way to the tire.
Street Art Rio (in Ipanema to be precise)

Santa Crew blows up the Santa Teresa neighborhood.
Rio Street Art

Everyone visiting Rio takes pictures of Christ The Redeemer – even in Rio Street Art.

What do you love when you love? The kind of street art also found in Europe and North America. However, this I found in Rio, Brazil.

Even the favelas are covered in bright colors.
Rio Street Art.

Mulher Bonita – Pretty Woman.
Rio Street Art

Street art at entrance of favela in Santa Teresa – with a view of downtown Rio and Sugarloaf Mountain.

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