Playa Ancon beach with tree shadow, Cuba

Playa Ancon is a Caribbean beach and community on the south side of
central Cuba. It’s a perfect beach getaway in combination with a trip to
explore the historic town of Trinidad (UNESCO World Heritage site).

Playa Ancon (Cuba) – In Another Minute (345) 

While the beaches of Varadero on the north coast of Cuba are supposed
to be the wider and whiter beaches and a more popular destination for
foreign and Cuban tourists, Playa Ancon is situated in a much more
interesting area. Not only is the must-see town of Trinidad only cab or
bike ride away; the Topes de Collantes National Park in the Sierra del Escambray Mountains and the Valle de los Ingenios (Los Ingenios Valley), known for its abandoned sugar plantations and refineries, are nearby as well.

in the state Sancti Spiritus, Playa Ancon takes up the majority of a
skinny strip of land with the Bahia de Casilda on the north and the
Caribbean Sea on the south. There are several hotels on the beach and a
marina that invites you to stay in your own yacht. You know, if you
happen to have a yacht.

A special perk of staying directly in
Playa Ancon (vs. Trinidad or the fishing village La Boca) are the
socialism era, government-run resort hotels. Don’t you want to know what
it’s like to stay in a socialist all-inclusive Caribbean hotel? I did –
and staying at the Brisas Trinidad del Mar
was really different. Under a veneer of fancy and colorful, there is
that lack of capitalist ambition and customer service. Yet, there is
still the joy and vibrancy of the Caribbean beach life. If you are
prepared for that and, like Scott and me, embrace exploring another
culture, it’s quite wonderful to stay at such a unique resort hotel.

Ancon is also a lot less crowded than the beaches on the north side of
Cuba – and there is ample opportunity to fish right on the coast. In the
flats of the north shore, it’s advised to rent boats and fish on the
open sea like Hemingway did.

By the way, this video was shot in
April 2016. I hope no one is getting tired of watching different videos
from Cuba that I filmed earlier this year. But I have saved such videos
especially for weeks like these: I’m currently visiting my parents in
Northern Germany where I’m relishing the time spent with my family (and
not on the computer) and where it’s grey, windy and cool.

The accompanying music is the instrumental version of the song “1,000 Words” by Josh Woodward. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Thank you, Josh!!!

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Playa Ancon, Cuba

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