It’s been quite a long time coming, but today I finally put together a web page that lists all the different options for purchasing All God’s Children DVDs that are licensed for public screenings and educational purposes. Now all you have to do is choose and click and the right package will be on its way. You can also download a How-To Guide with tips for organizing a screening. Soon we will also offer a discussion guide as part of the packages (together with some promotional materials that can be personalized for each event).

Putting together the web page, of course, was just the very last step in a pretty lengthy process. It all started with doing research last summer when we decided we wanted to take control of getting the film out to the right people as soon as possible and ended with setting up the paypal back-end today, which thankfully someone else made so user-friendly already. In-between there were a lot of decisions (use Film Baby to sell home DVDs, have screenings in subjects’ home towns, run with Brian Newman’s idea of offering a screening package that includes specially-priced home-viewing DVDs, etc.).

And of course, there was the whole adventure of traveling all over the country with the film this year. Self-distribution, with all the grassroots outreach and screenings, has been an amazing, exhausting and ultimately gratifying experience. Next week will be the first public screening that we haven’t been majorly involved in.* And with the new stream-lined addition to the website I hope it will be even easier and more encouraging for organizations, educators, activists, advocates, pastors, psychologists and survivors to set up their own screenings and help break the silence about abuse of missionary children and continue the conversation about child abuse by clergy.


It would be nice for the ball to keep rolling while we get the chance to focus on next steps: finalizing the discussion guide, getting the film online and finding a well-matched educational distributor, which in some sort of happy ironic twist might make everything I’ve done today and what led up to it obsolete. I can only hope.

* Next screening of All God’s Children:

“Movies With Meaning”
Wednesday – October 14 – 7pm
Reception at 6:30pm

Middle Collegiate Church
Social Hall
50 E 7th Street
New York, NY 10003

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