Thom Yorke in “Lotus Flower” video

Chances are, if you live anywhere in the Western world you’ve seen the video for “Lotus Flower” the new single from Radiohead, who this past Friday self-released their new album The King of Limbs online (CD coming in March).

What’s so striking about this video is the fabulous and somewhat brave commitment to just show Thom Yorke do his quite fascinating dance moves. King of Limbs is right!
Oh, but if you live in Germany, maybe you haven’t seen the video. Because as so often it’s being blocked because of the “record label + GEMA vs. online video hosts” dispute. Apparently Radiohead aren’t completely on their own when they release their music.
So here is a version of the official “Lotus Flower” video that as of right now can be seen in Germany:
Hochgeladen von h0nki
But that’s not where it stops. Almost immediately people were mashing the video with the song “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. Again these have been difficult to find. Here is a video of Thom Yorke dancing to “Single Ladies”:
And of course, this needed to happen as well: someone mashed up the video of Beyoncé and the ladies from the “Single Ladies” video dancing to “Lotus Flower”. Creative.
Not sure how long these will stay up of course…
Because it seems only fair, here is the official, original video for “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé.
Hochgeladen von vidsuperstar

I know, I know, it’s kind of cheating – since I had already published this post. But just after I did, I saw on Twitter a link for this Thom Yorke Dance – Song combination on Funny or Die: Thom Yorke Dances Alone To Pony by Genuwine


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