I’m a bit of a sucker for the modern re-imagination of the 60s retro sound. Also I’m a sucker for love. So when I recently came across these new songs by Noisettes and The School, I thought they’d make a great post together.

The Noisettes from London have changed their sound over time. And while I also like their punk rockish sound, their retro-sounding “Never Forget You” is one of my favorite songs of the last years. 

Their new song “That Girl” (from the album Contact) is in a similar vein and wins extra points with me for the line: “And I don’t wanna hear […] about her blogs and her tweets.” I should probably add that I know about half of my friends in Berlin through Twitter, one way or the other.

“That Girl”

– Noisettes

The School are from Cardiff, Wales, and play the (bitter)-sweetest 60s style retro pop. How can you resist it?

“Where Does Your Heart Belong?” is from their second album Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything released earlier this summer. 

“Where Does Your Heart Belong?” – The School

P.S.: Originally I was going to post “Cherokee” by Cat Power this week and maybe post these songs next week. But it turns out that owner of the video won’t allow embeds from Vimeo, and of course the YouTube version won’t play in Germany at all. Their loss.

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