Rocky Mountains Drive: Wolf Creek Pass (Time Lapse) – In A Colorado Minute (Week 202) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

A jaunty Rocky Mountains drive along Wolf Creek Pass (Highway 160
between Pagosa Springs and South Fork) in Mineral County, Colorado.

I filmed this on our way back from Pagosa Springs (after visiting Four Corners and Mesa Verde National Park / UNESCO World Heritage site the day before) during week 200.

our way south we had driven through this area at night. In the
darkness, we had suspected that the scenery was probably beautiful. We
had no idea how stunning it would be during the day. When it comes to
dimension and scale, both high and wide, I kind of don’t think video
really captures it like your eyes see it. But I hope this video gives
you a bit of an idea why we kept saying “the journey is the destination”
on this trip – even though our destinations, as you could see in the
previous two videos, was amazing as well.

The song in this video
is the instrumental version of the appropriately titled “Drive, Baby,
Drive” – written and performed by Jason Matherne. Find more of his music
on SoundCloud.

I plan on publishing a longer, unedited and slightly slower version of this drive very soon.

week 200, I have changed the format of my weekly video series a little
bit. I will continue to publish a 1-minute video every week. However, I
will now not always use footage I shot that very week but sometimes
footage I shot in a previous week. This is mainly because the sites in
Fort Collins are a bit limited and I’m excited about exploring other
places around this and the surrounding states. But because of work, I
can’t necessarily take road trips every week. So from now on, my Moving
Postcard videos will function a little less as an updated weekly journal
of my travels and explorations and be more focused on showing you the
coolest places I got to see over the previous few weeks.

If you
have ideas of what I should explore and document for you within a day’s
drive of Northern Colorado, please leave a comment. Thank you!

Wolf Creek Pass, Mineral County, Colorado

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