This is going to be brief post. It’s getting late and I’m leaving for Seattle early in the morning. And I haven’t even packed yet.

All God’s Children will be screening in Seattle on Tuesday at Mercer Island Presbyterian Church.

The same day there will also be an article about it in the Seattle Times. Marilyn and I were interviewed by the reporter Janet Tu yesterday. For that piece (and any future requests) Scott and I finally had some headshots taken yesterday. Talented photographer Jamie Penkethman was so kind to take some great shots during a break from the rain yesterday (no break from the humidity yet). Thank you, Jamie!

The screening in Seattle is co-hosted by FaithTrust Institute. The organization’s founder Rev. Dr. Marie Fortune recently wrote on her blog about the film and also the similar cases that prompted investigations in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the United Methodist Church.

I’m really looking forward to being in Seattle again (a city I’m very fond of) to being with Marilyn and her family again, to seeing the city through the eyes of my Seattle-born Brooklyn friend Katie and also to my train trip to Portland where I’ll finally get to hang out again with my dear friend Tobias, who I went to school with in Germany, and his wife Rachel and new-born daughter Kaya. And all that within less then a week…

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