About 2 years ago, an algorithm at Google/YouTube decided that my Moving Postcard YouTube channel deserved to be shut down and all videos and comments to be deleted. After contacting human beings over at YouTube, they reactivated my channel right away. But no matter who I contacted or how hard I tried, they never reconnected the videos, comments or subscribers.

Admittedly, I turned my back on YouTube after that. It was a very low blow to have taken everything away. All the videos still lived on Vimeo anyway. Instead, I built my own Moving Postcard website and just kept making new videos every week.  Over the years, I re-uploaded most of the videos to the YouTube channel… and this week, which is the 250th (!!!) week of my web series, I aim to get all the still missing videos back on that platform.

Here are six videos that had been gone from YouTube for two years:

Siegessäule (Victory Column – Goldelse) – In A Berlin Minute (Week 120)

24-Hour Berlin Time Lapse – In A Berlin Minute (Week 121)

Berlin Calessino Tour with Expat Bloggers – In A Berlin Minute (Week 122)

Ruegen (Baltic Sea Island) – In Another Minute (Week 123)

Berlin Street Art 2012 (East) – In A Berlin Minute (Week 124)

Viktoriapark, Kreuzberg – In A Berlin Minute (Week 125)

There are eight more 1-minute videos that I need to re-upload, and I’ll aim to have those back online in the next few days. But first, I’ll have a brand new video online on Thursday to celebrate WEEK 250!!! And of course, all 249 main videos and various bonus videos can already all be found at MovingPostcard.com.

Thank you for watching!

TV Tower in 24-Hour Berlin video from the In A Berlin Minute web series (part of the Moving Postcard video series)

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