Snow at Horsetooth Reservoir – In A Colorado Minute (Week 189) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

While I discovered Horsetooth Reservoir
(west of Fort Collins, Colorado) as a beautiful sanctuary in summer, it
was just as stunning and comforting in fall – and now has turned into
another striking sight covered in the first major snow.

We’ve had
some snow here as early as October, but this was the first big snow fall
that has stuck around for over a week. The first few days it was just
too cold to go out with the camera (apparently the coldest days on
record – so I’m counting on it not getting to -20 degrees Celsius

By now a lot of the snow has melted under the powerful
sun up here. Because I ran out of light when I filmed this week, I
didn’t quite capture as many different shots as I had planned. But I
figure you’ll get to see a lot more videos of snow from me in the
upcoming months…

The lovely tune is the instrumental version of “Pompeii” by Josh Woodward. He makes all his music available under a Creative Commons license via his website: Thank you again and again, Josh.

Snow around Horsetooth Reservoir

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