I can’t say it enough: snow shoeing is so much fun! So as soon as we dug
our way out of the driveway after the snowfall this week, Scott,
Whiskey and I went snowshoeing in Lory State Park.

Snowshoeing in Lory State Park – In A Colorado Minute (Week 294)

Lory State Park is the closest and most beautiful nature spot away
from any streets to Fort Collins. It’s perfect for some easy snow
shoeing since it features some trails that aren’t very steep – but with
great views of the surrounding hills (or mountains in the mind of this
flatland girl), like Arthur’s Rock.
There are steeper trails as well, if you’d like more of a challenge and
view down onto Horsetooth Reservoir. We took the South Valley Trail,
which I think would also be perfect for a cross-skiing adventure, which I
hope to finally try this winter.

Snowshoeing in Lory State Park

Included in this video is a
quick shot of our dog Whiskey catching snow. Please consider it a teaser
for an upcoming video, maybe as a Christmas present to all you Whiskey
Lovers. And her Christmas present should be a new winter coat. Looks
like she’s finally outgrown hers… After all, we got ourselves the full
thermal outfit. Makes you feel a bit like a yeti. But then I think
that’s all part of the fun as you slowly stomp through the snow and go
where no one else has disturbed the snowdrifts yet.

If you do take
your dog on a snowy hike, please keep in mind that your dog is not
wearing boots on top of snowshoes (the reason why your feet will stay
warmer, since your boots don’t get submerged in snow as they would
without snowshoes). Whiskey, like many dogs, can’t stand wearing dog
boots. So we always bring a towel and stop every once in a while to warm
up her feet, take out the clumps of snow between her toes and dry her

And bring yourself a flask of whiskey to stay warm on the inside 😉 Of course only, if you have a designated driver.

can’t wait to go snowshoeing in Lory State Park again soon – and next
time make it all the way to one of the Horsetooth Reservoir coves…

The song in this video is “Nice and Easy” by Jason Shaw of Audinautix.com. He has made this and many other cool songs available via a CC BY 3.0 license. Thank you, Jason!

For more snowshoeing fun, check out this video from 2 years ago: Snowshoeing With Whiskey Dog – In A Colorado Minute (Week 198)

Lory State Park
Bellevue, Colorado

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