Snowshoeing With Whiskey Dog – In A Colorado Minute (Week 198) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

To go snowshoeing has been a dream of mine ever since my brother
Asterix and I were little kids and would go on imaginary Arctic
explorations as we pulled our sleds across the snow-covered fields
behind our house.

This week, Scott and I made this dream come true when
we pulled off the road along Poudre Canyon (in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains), strapped snowshoes to our boots and walked out into the snow-covered unknown.

course, we had our dog Whiskey by our side – however, any attempts to
get her to be protected by footwear was thwarted by her just walking
right out of them. But in the video you can see how much fun she had and
how awesome it is to go snowshoeing with dogs. Just make sure you bring
a towel to dry their feet every once in a while and if your dog’s size
allows, be ready to carry your pup for a little while.

Walking through untouched beautiful nature with those I love – and without running into any other hikers – was absolute bliss.

don’t exactly allow you to walk on top of the snow as you can see in
the video, but they let you stay on top a bit better and push snow away
from around your boots – so your boots and feet stay dry and mostly
warm. Now you can really take your time and explore areas that aren’t as
maintained and crowded as more common hiking trails.

Now, the
next step is to go cross-country skiing – so we can glide along quietly
and maybe catch the glimpse of some animals without disturbing them.
Until then, we’ll take every chance we get to go snowshoeing again!

personal tip for a snowy hike: wear weather-resistant pants and bring a
sturdy blanket and drinks/food, so you can sit down for a pick-nick in
the snow.

This week’s special thank you goes to Deanna for giving me the weather-resistant pants and snowshoes!

featured song is the instrumental version of “Only Whispering” by Josh
Woodward, who makes this and most of his songs available through a
Creative Commons license via his website: Thank you, Josh!

Whiskey and the snowshoes

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