I just noticed that the battery on my Mac Book Pro magically expanded just like in the video below.

Within minutes the sound was also gone. This after I just had to send it in for “repair” for over a week when the monitor wouldn’t come on anymore. They never actually fixed it because they couldn’t figure it out – it just suddenly worked again.

So I spent $3,000 on a computer another $300 on Apple Care and this piece of metal keeps breaking on me while it’s just sitting here on my desk. And of course, the earliest appointment I can get at the apple store is three days from now. Oh and the phone support? Yeah, they’re not in right now either.

I’m kind of feeling like I’ve just been another fool sucked in by the advertising campaign, the peer pressure and all the silly hype. I’m starting to really miss my Sony VAIO and Avid. At least with a PC I didn’t feel like I’ve had too much of the Kool Aid but knew that I got what I paid for. UGH!!!

Just thought I’d write about this here after all the excitement I shared on this blog barely a year ago when I got my first (and probably last) Mac.

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