Filming Sookee inside skate hall

Today’s Music Monday post is one of those no-brainers. After spending Friday night at the Berlin skate hall with the amazingly talented, personable, intelligent and socio-political rapper and “word nerd” Sookee (and a fantastic crew of hip hop dancers, skateboarders, BMXers and a few dozen hyped up extras) and most of today outside at legal graffiti locations (Hall of Fames) to shoot a music video for the song Sookee recorded for V-Day‘s One Billion Rising* event, today I’m all about sharing two of Sookee’s (and Tapete’s) previous songs and videos.

Excited to see her life on January 17th at SO36 for the ticktickboom die Zeckenrap Gala.
Also excited to have finished editing this video in the near future. I
have a lot of material, so it’s going to be a lot of work…

D.R.A.G. – Sookee und Tapete

 Pro Homo – Sookee und Tapete


* One Billion Rising in their own words: One In Three Women On The Planet
Will Be Raped Or Beaten In Her Lifetime. One Billion Women Violated Is
An Atrocity. One Billion Women Dancing Is A Revolution. Join V-Day on
02.14.13 in a global strike to demand an end to violence.

After filming Sookee with the One Billion Rising graffiti
(no worries, we only went to locations where it’s permitted to spray)

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