Christa Brown is a writer, blogger and founder of Stop Baptist Predators.

Yesterday she published a great description/review of All God’s Children on her blog also called Stop Baptist Predators (Shining light on Baptist clergy sex abuse: reflections of a Southern Baptist survivor).

She aptly titled the post “The F-Word” in reference to Beverly calling “forgiveness” the “f-word” in the documentary and starts out with:

If you were abused in an evangelical faith group, see this movie. You will see some part of yourself in it.

If you’re someone who wonders why abuse survivors don’t just get over it, see this movie. You may begin to understand.

We are so grateful for her enthusiastic endorsement and were struck how well she captured the essence of the film in her post. Even we heard the “why can’t they just forgive” all too many times when we first told people about making this film. And to explain that was one of the reason we began this journey.

It’s very moving to know that the stories we captured can be meaningful to people outside of the circle directly effected by the events depicted in the film. The MKs and their parents truly did tell a universal story and it’s wonderful to see that it is starting to reach people.

Christa also provided us with an excellent quote independently of her post:

“Deeply moving, the film tells of children who were cast onto the rocks of horrific abuse by the siren call of God’s will. Yet years later, the wounded adults manage to shine a little light for all of us. Their stories stand as testimony to the transformative power of truth-telling.”

Please check out her entire post about the film and browse through her blog and the website. She and the other members of Stop Baptist Predators are doing some amazing and important work.

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