Today marks the launch of the first two segments of Streak To Win, the very entertaining film from our friend Sean Tice (and Adam Bedient).

The film will speak for itself. But it’s only right to point out what might not be obvious from the title to everyone: the film is about streaking, which means the film features a lot of people running around naked – details are mostly blurred, of course.

The trailer:

An aspect I find particularly fascinating about this project is that the producers decided to launch it directly to the web as streaming segments (Segment 3 will launch May 1st). They are foregoing festival submissions (or the festival racket as I’ve heard it described a lot lately by filmmakers not related to this project) or other more traditional ways of getting their film out to the people. I’m very curious to see how this works out for them.

The beautifully designed website offers a lot more than just the videos: entertaining background info, how-to advice, a blog, bonus videos, downloads, a shop for gear, places to leave comments and even a contest.

And of course, with the videos having been published via you can easily embed the video on your own site, subscribe via iTunes and watch in great quality in full screen.

Here’s to Streak To Win going viral!!!

Watch episode 1 below or go straight to the episodes page to watch them all.

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