At this point there are three different ways to subscribe to ReelerTV – the weekly show about New York Cinema we are producing for The Reeler.

  • Subscribe to ReelerTV on iTunes
    • install iTunes for free if you don’t have it
    • open the podcast directory of iTunes and type ReelerTV in the search field
    • find ReelerTV listed and click the subscribe button
    • you will receive the latest episode delivered automatically into your iTunes where you can watch it (or sync it up with your video iPod)
    • you can even download all episodes from our Tribeca Film Festival coverage
  • Subscribe to this blog:
    • by entering your email on the right you will have the show and all other updates delivered directly to your mail box (not only this show)
    • by clicking on one of the subscribe buttons you can receive the latest episode and all other updates onto your favorite RSS reader, e.g., My Yahoo, Google.

  • Subscribe to the series on Veoh
    • go to
    • click on “subscribe to channel”
    • you will have to register for a free account if you don’t have a login already

The next episode is supposed to go online Wednesday July 11th and feature an interview with Steve Buscemi.

Thank you so much for watching!

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