Look who’s back in Berlin! Me… and the sun.

Well, actually the sun mostly hides behind clouds. Only one of many challenges in trying to film a sunrise.

For one: do YOU know the perfect spot for watching a sunrise in your city in July (the further you’re from the equator the more the direction changes throughout the seasons…)?

Sunsets are so much easier since you watch the sun go down. For a sunrise time lapse you need to be in perfect position before the sun rises! And once you realize you’re not in the perfect spot, it’s too late to move.

Also, of course, you have to stay up all night, which in Berlin is less of a challenge – especially when you have good company. Thank you Andreas Janke, Andreas Rohde, Judith Hecktor and David Yates for almost making it to sunrise on the respective nights.

The challenge is to still function right now after having slept less than 4 hours to make sure I get this put together and online on time.

I won’t get into all the other challenges and I’ll stand by the first shot, that’s out of focus, because to my bleary eyes that’s exactly what it looked like on sunrise morning 2. And once I had the epiphany that after sunset in Brooklyn for the last “In A Brooklyn Minute” video (for a while), the first “In A Berlin Minute” had to be a sunrise in Berlin. Too bad I only had two nights/mornings to work with.

What I love about this video is the song “New Adventure” by Jason Matherne. I’ve been wanting to use this song for a long time and was just waiting for my “moving back” video. However, one minute really is too short for this song, because next come beautifully harmonized vocals by Hollie Greer and Jason about staying connected to the person “left behind”. So I pledge right now, I’ll keep chasing sun rises and morning moods to put an extended version together with the full song.

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