For my birthday in April my friends Scott C. and Sean gave me an Austrian Supersampler Camera from the Lomographic Society.

I’ve been having way too much fun with that camera. It takes 4 pictures within 2 seconds all on the same negative next to each other via 4 small lenses. It doesn’t have a view finder. You barely have an idea what you’re taking a picture of. It doesn’t have an “instant replay” since it’s real 35mm film, not digital, so you have to wait until you get the photos back from the lab to find out if anything turned out. The lenses are Japanese made but are inspired by the Russian Lomo lenses – so they cause that special glow of brighter parts. And the most mundane images might turn out to be the most pleasing photograph because of the pattern forming through repetition, e.g., one of my favorite ones so far is the picture of the sky between two buildings:

Der Himmel über New York
8th Street – May 2008

Here are some other the results of embracing the lomographer’s slogan “Don’t Think, Just Shoot”:

East River & downtown from the D train on Manhattan Bridge
first roll of film – discovery of using vehicle’s motion for effect

Dumbo artists’ building with some history (Justin’s video & lots of parties)
many rolls later – learned to keep camera still while train is moving…
symmetry of Manhattan Bridge support over 3 shots leaves me speechless
Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta
Unfortunately the cemetery was closed because of tornado damage
but the brunch across the street was fantastic

Fruit stand in Park Slope, Brooklyn
So many bananas, so colorful, so summer
“Afrobats” at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, NY
almost perfect, if only I had hit trigger before first jump
dear friend Debbie Foreman and her step-dad at her wedding to Scott Miller
Atlanta, May 2008
Melissa and Jimmy on the first roll of film
besides the lucky composition building up to the 2-shot on slice 3,
this also seems to capture their dynamic
Baltic Park, Brooklyn
Brian, Mark, Avi & a bottle of wine
one of the first pictures and what luck: the arch of the bottle, the arrangement of people left to right and the “zoom in” on Avi in motion: it’s like a comic book panel
Baltic Park, Brooklyn
Jessica and Scott C. – so sweet
since Scott gave me the camera, it seems only fitting that it would make him glow like an angel
Baltic Park, Brooklyn
self portrait of Scott and me in Atlanta at Debbie and Scott M.’s wedding
definitely one of the super lucky shots – and the hair glows so…

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