Swimming with Whiskey (Whiskey Business 3) – In A Colorado Minute (281)

One of the highlights of this summer (and all my Colorado summers) has been swimming in Horsetooth Reservoir – especially with Whiskey and friends.

after a somewhat challenging week with this video series due to the
Moving Postcard website disappearing and all the fun of trying to
recover and rebuild it, I thought a fun swimming with Whiskey video
would be just the thing to lighten the mood.

This video was shot during week 280 while
Judith was visiting and, together with Scott and Whiskey, we spent the
most wonderful day on our little boat Slow Ride and in various Horsetooth Reservoir coves.

case you were wondering: yes, Whiskey does seem to like swimming to and
running after thrown rocks. She actually seems to prefer that over
sticks and toys. She also likes catching snow. But that’s another video
for another week…

The song in this week’s video is “Mountain Sun” by Jason Shaw. He has made this and many excellent songs available via a CC BY 3.0 license on his website Audionautix. Thank you very much, Jason!

Whiskey Dog swimming in Horsetooth Reservoir
Fort Collins, Colorado

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