While the show from Park City has kept Scott busy and me distracted, there’s still been some progress with “All God’s Children”.

Tom Lino has continued to work on the sound design and delivered a temporary mix to me last week so I could make our first official festival submission. Well, that submission still didn’t have final sound and no color timing. But it’s already sounding great and the look isn’t that bad either.

We’re scheduled for a (probably) final sound session on Wednesday. We’re hoping to do the color correction this week or next.

It’s a little unfortunate that our timing hasn’t allowed us to submit to some upcoming prestigious festivals like SXSW, Full Frame or Tribeca. But first of all our timing depended solely on the flow of money (and sometimes you just have to go with it) and of course, there are some great festivals coming up in late spring and summer where we would love to show “All God’s Children.”

So please keep your fingers crossed.

P.S.: For those in the know, I’m almost done with a rough cut of the Weitzel video. It’s clocking in at 2 1/2 hours! I’m planning to submit it for editorial review by the end of the week.

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