Every once in a while I treat myself to watching a video from the “A Taste of TED Talks” podcast collection. 
Today, while trying to take a break from struggling with doubt and fear of failure, I happened to watch the following TED Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert – by sheer coincidence. Except that when I watched it, I had to consider that it might have been put in front of me by some sort of genius…
Of course, I don’t struggle with the same situation as the author of Eat, Pray, Love does: fear of failure after a huge success. Of course, I wish that was my problem. But a lot of what she says made sense and I found it to be uplifting and motivating.
I thought someone else might appreciate watching it as well. 
Now, I need to go and show up for my part of the job.
Unfortunately this clip with subtitles cannot be resized to fit the blog. But I thought having the subtitles is more important in this case.

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