Because I knew a few people were going to send me holiday cards this year, including ShooterHatesYou (who had announced on his vlog that he was going to hand-draw cards to anyone who asked for one), I decided I should get creative and make one for those people as well.
Almost magically I immediately found the perfect photo that summed up most of what 2010 was all about for me. I should probably mention that in America it’s a tradition to include in your holiday card a letter summing up what you and your family were up to during that year.


Marisa steps out of the card

Instead of a letter, this image summed up my 2010: travel, Berlin, adventure, exploration, art, creativity, work, friends, family, love, partnership, marriage, communication, productivity, photography, video, beauty, aesthetics, snow, flowers, seasons, inspiration through work by others, personal view, documenting, constant camera carrying, iPhone, capturing other people’s art, participating in meta creations, directions, confusion, options, aging, loneliness, solitude, greeting cards, postcards (Erik and Kate, that’s mostly thanks to you) and even the world cup.

Really the only thing that’s missing is something resembling music. 
The photo (taken with my phone) shows my friend Marisa Baptista, a video/vj/projection artist, whom I met during the Fussball World Cup, stepping out from behind a photograph by Susanne Wehr (part of her piece Personal View, which is also published as a take-away newspaper print) to take a picture of people looking at other works of art at the Berlinische Galerie in December.
While I made the card originally for specific people, I wanted to share it with all of you here. The following video, however, I made specifically for all of you who have been so awesome to read my blog and watch my videos and encourage my little creative endeavors through your comments. Thank you so much!
This is not the regular “In A Berlin Minute” Video for week 36 – that one I still need to edit and will probably upload on Friday.
This greeting from the streets of Mitte, Berlin, where Scott and I took a midnight stroll amongst the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, is ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!
 Silvester / New Year’s Eve 2011 – In A Berlin Minute (Week 36 Bonus Clip) 

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and productive 2011!

Let’s be creative and kind.   
– Luci 

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