“Thirsty”, a short film I script supervised a few years ago and which was written, produced and directed by friends at Ugly Betty Productions and Spun Helga Productions, won the voting competition on the Reel13 website will be playing on PBS in New York on Saturday night.

From the filmmakers’ thank you note:

Thanks to you THIRSTY will be screening on NYC PBS station, Channel 13 as part of the Reel 13 Program!

THIRSTY will screen tomorrow night, Saturday Feb. 23 (that’s lucky 23 if you’re into those things!).

The program begins at 9PM with the classic film A Letter To Three Wives, followed by THIRSTY and ending with the indie Marion Bridge.

If you just want to watch the short it will be on at 10:47PM.
There is an encore screening at 2:22AM as well for you night owls.

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