Hauptstadt Zoo Tierpark is the zoo in the former East Berlin, not to be mixed up with Berlin Zoologischer Garten, the zoo in former West Berlin, or Tiergarten, the large park in the center of Berlin, which is not a zoo at all.

This past week travel and Berlin blogger Nicole Blake (aka nicoleisthenewblack,
her new baby girl Arianna and I went to the Tierpark, because we had
been told that it was a prettier and more natural park than the more
famous Zoologischer Garten. We were not disappointed in the greenery and
animals we got to see, but I will admit that I was sad to neither find
the sloths nor for the red pandas to show their faces (my favorite
animal ever since discovering it in the small zoo in Prospect Park, Brooklyn).

The song is “Clown’s Lament” by Jason Mathern of Goonygoogoo Productions.

Kissing at Hautpstadt Zoo Tierpark, Berlin

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