Today’s Music Monday song I just discovered this week and it will surely be one of my favorite songs for the rest of my life: “Thicker Than Thieves” by Tilly & The Wall from Omaha, Nebraska.

Now I promptly bought the entire album Heavy Mood – after I had already posted “Love Riot”, another song from the record, a few weeks ago.

I’d like to dedicated this song to my girls: Elke Holzapfel, Judith Hecktor, Katherine Guttman, Jessica Gould, Ginger Albertson, Erica Stoltz, Steph Gerber, Debbie Foreman, Caitlin Mia Cassaro, Amanda Doss, Meghan Scibona, Katie Ainslie, Hollie Greer, Margaret Briggs and Rachel Iannelli. Thank you for having been here for me through all the years and especially through these days.

you and me got something they can’t touch
you and me connect the dots, uh huh
you’re the one i call when things get tough
you can tell when i need you, oh oh
you and me would fuck some bitches up
like they’d ever dare to step to us
girl, you know i could never get enough
and i’m there if push comes to shove.

you are my sister, it’s never gonna change
a constant fixture, it’s always gonna be this way
i’m here forever, we’re thicker than thieves, okay
in this together, no matter where the bad

i’ll stand up for you, i always got your back
when you’re mad at your boyfriend, i hope this makes you happy
i hope this song reminds you of all the times we laughed and laughed

Can’t wait to see them live one day. But right now I’m going to run off and see Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield in Berlin… 

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