Let’s travel together! Let’s talk to each other! Let’s inspire one another! Let’s share something beautiful!

I love to explore, create, share, and to interact with people.
Since May 2010, I have been able to do all that through my weekly
video series, Moving Postcard.

And I want to keep going… with YOU! But making videos, especially travel videos, costs money, time and energy… So I’m asking you to support my video series on Patreon.com/LuciWest – for as low as $1 a month.

Why now? 

This year, I will shoot the third installment of the documentary “All’s Well and Fair” – to build on the versions I shot in 1996 and 2006. This project will consume most of my resources (time, energy, money). The question is: can I continue making these weekly 1-minute videos about places and people? I know I want to – but I need your help. This is not just about acquiring the money to pay for website hosting, equipment, transportation, entry fees, etc… It’s also about knowing that you want to keep watching and sharing these experiences with me and others.

Why Patreon? 

Patreon is a brilliant platform that enables you to support creators continuously through a monthly donation. It also gets you more ways of interacting and receiving exclusive content.

Although a one-time donation is great (and I would very much appreciate it), because Moving Postcard is about delivering a new video to you every week, continuous monthly support is more helpful.

Just as important is the way Patreon encourages us to communicate with each other. It’s not just about me and what I’m doing, it’s also about you being able to express yourself – your opinions, your travels, you creations. But fear not, you don’t have to interact.

What do you get if you support me and Moving Postcard on Patreon?

– a new 1-minute video every week
– a chance to share your videos, photos, music and opinions with me and the community
– access to early and exclusive bonus content (more videos, more photos, more insider info)
– access to limited edition physical rewards (e.g., postcards, books)
– collaboration and feedback sessions
– support for me so I can keep creating the free videos
– quality time with me and others through monthly live online hangouts

I believe in trying to “make the world a better place” and I’m aware Moving Postcard
isn’t a life-saving social project, but it’s my little attempt to
capture and deliver something beautiful and inspiring to people. I
believe a way of fighting the bad in the world is by doing
something good. And sometimes a postcard is all it takes to brighten
someone’s day and inspire them to do something nice.

Please help me keep sending out these video postcards by becoming a “patron of the arts” via Patreon.com/LuciWest

Thank you!

Moving Postcard Trailer (2016)

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