Weekly “True Blood” Viewing Ritual. And no, don’t worry, there’s no actual blood shedding involved.

True Blood Viewing Ritual – In A Berlin Minute (Week 12) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

Even though I don’t live in America anymore, of course I still need to watch my shows. On the top of the list right now is HBO’s “True Blood” – created by the brilliant Alan Ball (“Six Feet Under”).
To be able to watch a show that doesn’t air on German television, I had to be a little creative, which in some ways makes the watching experience even more special (although I’d prefer, and recommend for all who can, to tune in to HBO Sunday nights at 9pm and watch it on a big HD TV set).

Elke is here!
Every week, my friend Elke comes over to Kreuzberg and we have salad and pizza at Gorgonzola Club and Vodka Collins delivered from the outstanding Cocktail Bar Würgeengel next door. *
Then we hear the steamy opening credits song “Bad Things” by Jace Everett… and then it’s Bill, Sam, Alcide, Jason and, of course: Eric! (And yes, yes, Sookie and all the other kick-ass women, too.)

Purchase the song “Bad Thing” by Jace Everett (briefly featured in this video) on iTunes

Download the “True Blood” font from Windows Tip Club
* Since Scott and I will be moving to Berlin Mitte next week, we’ll have to find a new place there. Looking forward to any recommendations.

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